Endurance is defined as the ability to maintain a specified amount of static or dynamic force for an extended amount of time. In weight lifting we use a sub-maximal amount of weight to achieve muscle or form failure after 12-20 full range-of-motion repetitions. The higher amount of repetitions works the slow twitch muscles associated with Muscular Endurance work.

Testing muscular endurance in endurance sports such as cycling or running measures the amount of distance covered in a given amount of time. ACSM defines an endurance athlete as one who trains and competes for 90 minutes or longer. For example, two given runners run to “form failure” at 90 minutes, Runner A runs 10 miles while Runner B runs 13 miles. Since they both ran for the same amount of time, it is shown that Runner B is capable of maintaining a higher caloric expenditure and therefore has a higher muscular endurance.

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