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Sedentariness defined:

The Lack of Physical Activity is the Root Cause of Sedentariness

The Lack of Physical Activity is the Root Cause of Sedentariness

Sedentariness is a behavior characterized primarily by sitting, with associated low levels of energy expenditure. Sedentariness is distinct from lack of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity because the former refers to too much sitting rather to too little exercise. In fact, high sedentariness and substantial physical activity may coexist because it is possible for an individual to meet or surpass the recommendations for minimum physical activity and to spend most of the rest of the day seated, either at work, during transportation, or at home.

It is important to note that this study draws a direct link between Sedentariness and increased individual mortality. Conversely there is also a link between activity and lowered mortality rates.

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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Personal Trainer Programs Clients into the Active lifestyle Stage

Personal Trainer Programs Clients into the Active lifestyle Stage

With the New Year in full swing and resolutions under fire, the question remains, are you ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle? Every time I ask that question I get the response, “Im in the gym, aren’t I?” Typically, a few weeks after I hear that, that same person has burned out or lost interest. So, if we are falling off our nutrition and exercise momentum, when are we truly considered adopting a healthier lifestyle? The answer lies in the 5 Stages of “Readiness to Change” model:

Individuals in the precontemplation (or non-contemplation) stage have not considered a healthier lifestyle. This stage has the potential to last a lifetime as the method to move beyond this stage is purely education. Most of the people in this group typically do not know the dangers and ramifications of a sedentary or non-active lifestyle. If left in this period of life, the dangers can include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Hypertension, Malnutrition and more leading to death.

While in the contemplation mode, the dangers and health risks are just as real and applicable as in the precontemplation stage. This stage begins with education at various levels. It doesnt matter if the contemplation to change lifestyle was sparked by a doctor’s suggestion based on physical testing, A loved one’s concern for their well being, or a simple news article that caught their attention, the most important thing in this stage is that there is awareness for need. This stage can last for months to years depending on the individual and is driven on research into fitness programs, and healthy options. Typically no further action is taken at this point.

The initiation of action defines the Preparation stage. In other words the individual may sign up with a gym or fitness facility, try out the classes, and play with some of the equipment but there is no organized structure to their workout schedule. This stage can last for weeks or months until a decision to integrate the nutrition and exercise routines into their daily lives. The biggest risk here is injury from improper technique during exercise or failure to commit to the routine which leads to moving back to the contemplation stage.

When an individual begins to periodize their training regimen, work with a trainer to improve performance and adopts a nutrition program that compliments their training, they have become active. The Action stage is evident with consistent schedules and goal driven exercises. Typically the client will be focused and organized in structuring their active living program while maintaining a consistent schedule of exercise on most days of the week for no less than 30 minutes a day.

after 6 months of Action the athlete is now in position to maintain their newly adopted healthy lifestyle as the risk for falloff is minimal. Psychological improvements as well as physiological improvements are well recognized during the maintenance stage. Anytime an athlete in the maintenance misses a workout or eats something outside of their daily nutrition, they will notice the difference as the individual in the preparation stage notices their first workouts. When this happens the athlete is now living a healthier lifestyle.

If you would like more information on how you can ensure passage through the 5 stages of change, Call Carolina Gold Fitness to schedule a pre-exercise assessment with a certified trainer.

Healthy Living For Life

It all starts when we’re young, we learn to “play outside” or we “play X-Box.” From that point on it is programmed into our lifestyle the true level of activity that is desired and acceptable. As we grow older the divide between an active, healthy lifestyle and a sedentary existence grows until we see life by the numbers. As we reach our thirties and our metabolism slows (the point where we no longer grow up, we now grow out,) we start to pay attention to the doctor’s concern’s after a physical. Triglycerides are too high, Bad Cholesterol is too high while Good Cholesterol is too low, Blood Pressure is high, the numbers are now through the roof. Suddenly we become alarmed and rush to the gym or buy a new mountain bike to begin a “New” healthier lifestyle and raid the local salad bars. Maybe the new desired lifestyle sticks, or then again maybe you ended up with a $500 clothes rack. Regardless, think of where you would be if you had just learned to simply “Play Outside” and instill in yourself healthy living principles for life.

Visit any elementary school gymnasium and you will see that any child has a potential and an innate desire to be active. What they lack in most cases is an outlet or an opportunity to explore their active urges. The more active a child is, the more complete their development will be. Beyond the obvious muscular strength and endurance developments, children gain improved volume of oxygen consumption, neuro-muscular facilitation, balance, range of motion, flexibility and more. Social skills, cognition, intelligence and overall mental health are also improved through consistent athletic play.

As we grow and mature, the foundation of exercise and fitness sets the stage for a healthier adulthood. Among of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle throughout later years are sustained or improved metabolism, bone and joint health, blood pressure, blood lipids and cholesterol. Active adults also enjoy reduced risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and even some genetic deficiencies. Professionals and companies who promote a healthy lifestyle see productivity increase while insurance premiums and employee absenteeism decreases.

So many benefits come from a healthy childhood. If you are interested in learning how to live a healthier life for you, your family or even your company, contact us at Carolina Gold Fitness. 

Running Into Fall In The Mountains

The heat has finally broken and we now have to simply run in perfection. All we need is for the leaves to change here in the mountains to make for even more exceptional running. For most of us, the thought of adding running to our already busy lifestyle seems an unobtainable and therefore an unreasonable concept. But just like the weather has shed its Summer warmth and the trees will soon shed their leaves, we too must shed our old ways make way for a new healthier lifestyle. If ever there were an exceptional time to commit to something new and challenging, it would be when the scenery and temperatures are at their peak.

If you are thinking about starting a new running routine, my suggestion to you is this; find a quiet location you enjoy, select a playlist that you can plug into, wear clothes that you can feel comfortable in, spend enough time to feel like you have exerted yourself but still feel like you can do it again. Drink, Drink, Drink! When you are done, tell the world about it… (tell your world, not the whole world)… Be sure to mention the sights you saw on the run, sounds and music you listened to, how long you ran and where! All of these are motivational incentives that will increase your chances of adhering to your new healthier lifestyle! Lets start here and see where this takes us…