Welcome to the New Year! With 2014 on the way out we are helping our clients usher in 2015 with a new lease on life. From private, individual or group fitness training, fitness classes, endurance sports performance training to nutritional weight loss groups. We are not just planning for one year of your life, but for the rest of your life!

Not sure what you need? We will give free 30 minute consultations to help guide you in the right direction. Our goal is to take you at your current physical condition and address your individual needs to meet your specific goals.

Endurance athlete looking for an edge on your competition or just want to get your feet wet in multisport? We can program your triathlon, duathlon or run, bike or swim seasons. We cater to military and armed forces as they train for specific tactical strength and conditioning.

Need rehabilitation after physical therapy is finished? We can extend your Therapist’s program to ensure you get back to full strength in a safe atmosphere. Our functional fitness program is for sedentary or older populations who are looking to perform everyday activities such as bathing or laundry with minimal exertion.

Want to get beach ready, lose weight and tone up muscle? Try combining our TLS weight loss class with the power of our next level training classes! This is also a great 12 week program for our wedding parties to look and feel great for the big day! We offer great packages with huge savings for wedding party boot camps!

Endurance Sports Training: This program is for the beginner or seasoned athlete looking to focus on a specific race or season. Regardless if you want to train for your first race and set a milestone or if your goal is to place in your age group/overall, we can build your season to fit your training style.

TSAC Training: Tactical Strength and Conditioning for our Armed Forces as they train for specific tasks of your demanding, high impact career. This can be run boot camp style or circut style, depending on the needs of the group or individual. This program is also great for getting recruits ready for the physical portions of the their testing.

Rehabilitation Extension: This program is for anyone recovering after injury and has already been cleared for training. Typically this training is an extension of the physical therapy program already in place. We will work with the injured limb or joint to improve mobility and strength as needed or prescribed by physician. The goal of this program is to bring the individual back to full functional fitness within the client’s ability & limitations.

Functional Fitness: Also referred to as our Freedom Fitness program. This is for the beginner, elderly or sedentary individual who is looking to improve overall fitness as a means to live life more efficiently. We focus on the imbalances of the body to improve stability. We also improve muscular strength and endurance to make each movement more efficient and less prone to injury. Functional fitness is also good for anyone with low-back, hip & knee pain by increasing flexibility and joint stability.

Boot Camp and Circuit Training: Build a powerful and toned body with this moderate to high impact class. We build diverse and specific resistance programs including timed high intensity interval training (HIIT Training). We focus on explosive movements, intermixed with agility, balance, and endurance training. Want to biggest leaps in overall strength and conditioning? This is the program for you. This is best run in a small group so grab a couple friends and call us to schedule your program!

We currently have a 12 week Virtual Weight Loss Class scheduled to start Tuesday, January 6th at 8pm. Class runs as low as $12/session. Click here to sign up now!

Nutritional Weight Loss: Written by a registered dietitian, this program is the most diverse available and customized to meet your lifestyle. This program is designed for clients looking to simply eat healthier or are looking to Shred fat before the big day. The original TLS program was designed with 7 different programs ranging from weight loss to maintenance to weight gain and is modified to the individuals specific nutrition considerations. We discuss the pros and cons of different fad diets, restrictions and indulgences. We also discuss what to eat, when to eat, how often to eat, when to exercise and hydrate.  We can run this class alone or combined with our boot camps to meet your goals. This program is already included in the group or individual training programs upon request.

Virtual Training: Perfect for our out of state clients and traveling execs. This program is designed to give you the best of a personal trainer who can follow your program while you are on the road. We can run a class of up to 10 athletes which is perfect for private classes of friends in different parts of the country. We currently have a 12 week Virtual Weight Loss Class scheduled to start Tuesday, January 6th at 8pm. Class runs as low as $12/session. Click here to sign up now!

Regardless of where you are, our trainers have the programs to help you meet your goals! Lets make 2015 exceed your expectations!