The New Year allows us to reflect on the past and dream about the future. For Carolina Gold Fitness, 2016 presented us opportunities to work with a vast variety of health, fitness, performance and wellness goals for our clients. With as much success as our clients had this past year, we are looking forward to offering even more options and tools in 2017!

Last year we had the opportunity to program runners, cyclists and triathletes for their best, and in some cases, first ever races. Non-swimmers now have a love and appreciation for the open water because of our open water swimming programs. We were proud to watch our owner and resident exercise physiologist, Tim Thew, lead by example as he put his own training to the test. In October Tim used his training to complete the Marine Corps Marathon (his 7th marathon and first one in over a decade.)

Preventative and corrective training is paramount for everyone wanting to lead a pain-free life. Post-rehabilitation training is foundation and functional fitness training that is implemented after an injured individual has gone through physical therapy. This year, we have partnered with Perfect Balance Physical Therapy to provide post-rehab care for their patients. With preventative care in mind, we also have helped our athletes maintain an injury-free training year while pushing their limits to meet their goals. We spot flaws in their mechanics and functionality during assessment phases of training and adapt their training to correct these issues.

Improving body composition improves quality of life, reduces joint and muscle pain and improves physical strength and performance. Weight management is a program that we have expanded on to include nutrition support for anyone looking to improve body composition, burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, prevent diseases such as diabetes or heart disease and improve physical performance. We are proud to provide a well rounded program based on up-to date, science-based nutrition research. Carolina Gold Fitness is proud to offer cutting edge tools and goal-based nutrition programs. Looking for a solid weight loss program you can do on your own? Register and take our free dieter profile at our TLS Weight Loss website for more information, resources and fun challenges.

This year we will be building on all of our programs from last year and are proud to announce new partnerships, programs and tools for the new year! Starting this Monday, January 2nd, 2017, We will be offering strength training classes at The Shift Studio in downtown Hendersonville, NC. The class will offer strength and conditioning for all fitness levels using various methods of resistance training. We will meet it the Shift Studio on Mondays & Fridays from 12:45pm to 1:45pm. This class is in addition to our already successful Out-Fit class on Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings at 5:30pm at the Henderson County Athletics and Activity Center.

Personal Training for anyone looking to find a higher quality of fitness program is a perfect program for anyone who needs more attention or accountability in their workouts. While in the past we have offered our custom, personal training in-home, we now proud to announce out cutting edge training is also being offered through Perfect Balance Physical Therapy in Brevard, NC. Personal training is offered by appointment, Please call 828.209.8776 to schedule your appointment.

Also new for 2017, we are partnering with Armstrong Integrated Movement to offer a multi-sport training group. This program will use our best programs to offer a higher level of training for endurance athletes. Athletes will have the opportunity to choose their level of commitment to their program based on their training needs. This program is geared for Triathletes, Duathletes, Runners and Cyclists. More information to come.

With all of these new programs added to our already great programs, 2017 is shaping up to be our most active and fit year yet! We look forward to helping you build your best life to date! Contact Carolina Gold Fitness to find out more about these programs.

Happy New Year from all of us at Carolina Gold Fitness!