Group Circuit Fitness 2015
We have had a great response to our outdoor fitness program that started in June, 2015 at Clear Creek School! Taught by our own Timothy Thew, CEP, the class boasted 15 members its first week and has been growing since. “Variation and fun are the primary themes of the class”, Thew said. We constantly change from strength training, to agility training, to endurance using a variety of training styles including aerobics, circuit, & HIIT training to sports specific training. The members of the class love the camaraderie as the class is intended to be lighthearted and supportive. Each exercise is modified to accommodate each and every fitness ability. “We truly believe in training all fitness levels and all ages” said Mr. Thew.

The program came about as a request from a group of friends who needed a low cost solution to losing weight through exercise. The Out-Fitters chose the school setting because of the open space in order to accommodate a larger class. The Out-Fit program is a great opportunity to enjoy a group fitness class on a modest budget. You can join the class on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 5:30 pm. Make sure you bring a fitness mat, gloves, water and a towel with you!

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