You have spent months and months building up to the last game or race of the season. but… When the dust settles, the crowd silences and the lights go down do you know what to do next?

Time to Train!

But you say, “wait, Ive been training all year, I need a break!” Yes, and a break you shall have! just as a marathoner should never suddenly stop after crossing the finish line, an athlete shall not stop after the final game. After main season (or “peak season”) you must reach Post Season. Post-season training allows us time to train to become untrained and readjust our bodies to less stress and more importantly different stress.

Post-Season training should be fun and may include a variety of any type of sport or dynamic activity. Post season should be an active rest period with no sport-specific training and focus on transitioning from full time training to off/pre-season training. It is always beneficial to find activities that compliment the movements of your primary sport, ie: If you are a sprinter, try swimming. Post season should last 2-4 weeks with workouts decreasing in duration, type and intensity.

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