It is important to remember that initial muscle soreness is a reality when beginning resistance exercise.

Rest and recovery is crucial.

Also, proper warm-up is needed. This includes five to 10 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise followed by gentle, moving stretches.

Source: American College of Sports Medicine

Rest and recovery is a vital part of muscle growth. While it is hard to think of walking away after spending weeks digging in to an intense workout, rest remains the single most important part of a training program. Time off of exercise prevents injury, improves cardio-respiratory function, and builds muscle.

While we are punishing our bones, muscle, ligaments and tendons, it is important to remember that our bodies need recipricol time to repair the damaged tissue. Regardless of your fitness goals, all training is designed to overload and break down the musculo-skeletal systems. Running puts stress on the tibia, fibula and femur, which excites bone growth. Without proper recovery, too much stress can turn into stress fractures or shin splints. muscle strains, tendonitis and overuse injuries can be reduced by reducing training volume or simply taking time off to recover.

When designing your training program, a certified personal trainer will include rest periods in your schedule. If you are unsure of how much time you need to take off for recovery, Contact a Carolina Gold Health Fitness Specialist to schedule a periodization review today.