As we approach the end of 2017 and look forward to 2018, we look forward to new the idea of renewal and new possibilities. When we start with a new client, our first question is always, what do you want to do? This question works for road mapping the path to your New Year’s Resolution.

Road Mapping Your Resolution

You cannot get where you want to go unless you first decide WHERE you want to go. Once you have chosen your destination or goal, you must decide HOW you will get there. What vehicle will you use? Do you want to run, bike or swim? Would you prefer to lift weights or do body weight training? Do you need accountability? maybe an educated Personal Trainer or joining a small group or fitness class will be a better solution for you.

You then have to come up with your road map to the destination. This is the process by which you will achieve your goal using your vehicle of  choice. If you are joining a class or working with a small group or personal trainer, your process will be mapped out for you. If you want to go it alone, you will need to decide how you will use your vehicle to achieve your goal.

Safety is also a huge consideration for you. When you take a trip, you wouldn’t want your car to break down on you. Is the equipment you are using up to date and free of cracks, dents or frayed edges? Is the group leader or Personal Trainer qualified and up to date on the current training trends and guidelines? A poorly maintained gym could mean the difference between success and an injury that could mean delays in your progress and possible rehabilitation. When you work with a group, ask yourself if the instructor has your best interest and goal in mind, or are they just following a Daily Workout Routine in which you have to fit yourself into?

Reaching Your Resolution Goals

Setting yourself up for long term success should be your primary focus. When you choose a goal, you should break that goal down into smaller, more attainable goals. By cutting your goal up into small milestones, you will be more encouraged as you meet each goal and move consistently toward your ultimate goal. Focusing only on the final goal in mind could result in feeling overwhelmed or a sense that the goal seems impossible.

One strategy we use is a progressive prioritization. This is where you set and achieve milestones at weeks 1, 2, 4, and 8 etc. We reassess at each mile marker and adjust as necessary. These periodic check-ins are great for seeing gradual and attainable accomplishments and addressing any concerns. The longer you are on a program, the higher the chance you will get into the groove and need less guidance. You should strive to build your program for 6 months. At that point, it is assumed that you have safely adopted the program into your lifestyle. This is when you want to reassess your goal and create a new one.

By mapping your New Year’s Resolution you are increasing your chances for long term success. At Carolina Gold Fitness, we build customized programs that address your specific needs and goals. For more information on how to map your fitness destination, contact one of our qualified coaches and personal trainers.