Carolina Gold Fitness is diverse enough to care for Rehabilitation and Extended Care Clients who have been through surgery and Physical Therapy, as well as High caliper athletes who are looking to increase stamina, agility, power, endurance, strength and more. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to make the most of your training time, or a recovering from an injury and just trying to get back your range of motion, We have the knowledge, skills and ability to get you there.

We pride ourselves on outstanding care for individuals of all ages from 6 months old to 90 years old. Age is never a limiting factor when you consider each individual is on their own level of fitness and ability. From learning to swim to just being able to get out of the bath tub we have worked with our clients to provide them with the most comprehensive care utilizing state of the art equipment, weights and even just body weight.

Prenatal fitness for women who are planning to have a baby, are pregnant or have already had a baby is proven to strengthen both mother and baby. We will work with your physician to ensure a safe atmosphere to exercise in while adapting your workouts to each phase of your maternity.

Endurance, strength training and speed school is also a part of our offerings. We will do individual programming which gives you a specific and focused workout to achieve maximum athletic performance. Small groups of 3-5 are a great way to build a strong program while getting peer support from friends or teammates. Teams can also benefit from team building training which utilizes various games and events to promote camaraderie while building on the fundamentals of their sport.

Carolina Gold Fitness promotes a healthy lifestyle. With 66% of the country suffering from obesity, we maintain a strong focus on prevention and awareness through education and exercise. While some cases will be held in conjunction with a physician, we know that most cases can be prevented or corrected through exercise. We will teach you of the benefits of exercise and healthy eating habits and follow you through your specific program to your goal composition and weight. Child obesity programs and education are also available.