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Preparing for Race Season

By |March 17th, 2013|Blog|

Winter is coming to a close which means spring training is in full swing! Whether you enjoy racing in the Spring, Summer, or Fall, you will undoubtedly be scrutinizing your training plan. Do you have enough miles to make your distance? Did you get enough rest time in? or too much rest time? Is that twinge of pain an indication of an injury from a poorly placed step, poor flexibility, or just basic muscular overload [...]

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Post Season

By |October 11th, 2012|Blog|

You have spent months and months building up to the last game or race of the season. but... When the dust settles, the crowd silences and the lights go down do you know what to do next? Time to Train! But you say, "wait, Ive been training all year, I need a break!" Yes, and a break you shall have! just as a marathoner should never suddenly stop after crossing the finish line, an athlete [...]

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Running Into Fall In The Mountains

By |September 26th, 2012|Beginner, Blog, Lifestyle, Running|

The heat has finally broken and we now have to simply run in perfection. All we need is for the leaves to change here in the mountains to make for even more exceptional running. For most of us, the thought of adding running to our already busy lifestyle seems an unobtainable and therefore an unreasonable concept. But just like the weather has shed its Summer warmth and the trees will soon shed their leaves, we [...]

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