Cold weather and earlier nightfall can lead to more dangerous training runs.

Cold weather and earlier nightfall can lead to more dangerous training runs.

Early this morning (530am) I headed out to my Total Core Class at Lelia Patterson Fitness Center. As I left my toasty bed and warm home I am reminded that winter is right around the corner. Then, later this evening as I started heading out on my run, the dim light of the setting sun echoed that reminder. With winter drawing near and the days getting shorter, it will be increasingly difficult to get your training time in.

For most of us working a 9-5, we will almost certainly be training in the dark. Our first priority must always be personal safety. Aside from the normal rules of safe running [never run alone, always run facing traffic, stretch, hydrate, warm up and cool down, etc…] we will want to add in:

  • carry a flashlight
  • wear reflective clothing
  • whenever possible run on well lit & paved roads
  • Always let a family member know your running route
  • Trail running is ill advised in low to no-light conditions

As for cold weather training, there is one major rule that I live by: LAYER UP (if you have it with you, you can always take it off, if you don’t have it, you cannot put it on.) The fastest way to end your season or even your coming year is to get a cold weather injury. Hypothermia, frostnip/frostbite, slips and falls on the ice, use your common sense especially when you train in temps below 60°f.

If you need help planning your winter training season, Carolina Gold Fitness can set you up with a program that is fun and safe in the cold, shortened days of winter.