954674_10201272066913603_594994619_nMud runs, triathlons and beach parties, oh my! Summer time brings us a lot of fun times outdoors! From hiking to biking, everyone will be taking to the beaches and trails to enjoy their time under the sun. With this adventurous time we want to make sure you are safe and fit to enjoy your many adventures.

One of the mainstays of Carolina Gold fitness is “Get Out, Get Active.”  Sure, activity is essential to a healthy and functional life, but how much activity is too much? Too many times we see reports of individuals running a 5k, biking a community benefit ride or simply mowing the lawn under the intense heat of the summer sun and then falling to injury, fatigue or heat illness. Stroke, heart attack, dehydration and musculoskeletal injuries can be prevented by training for your fun outing in the weeks prior to your activity.


Ways to help prevent these injuries include training your body to handle higher, intense intermittent bursts of exercise. This training should include exercise specific to the activity that you are planning to participate in. If you want to run a 10k, then your training should include endurance running or walking. When training for this type of activity, it is necessary to focus on the amount of running/walking you will be doing and the amount of nutritional fueling you need to be successful at it. Regardless of whether your goal is to be a top 3 overall winner or just complete your first ever race, your success is important to us.

Last, with the summer beginning in a couple of weeks, you will also want to look your best! This means trimming the fat and increasing muscle from your current body composition. People tend to watch the scale as an indicator of progress. We stress body composition testing and fitness testing as a true indicator of health. Our Summer aesthetics program includes a fairly rigid course of nutrition and exercise. We can work with people in as little as 21 days or 6 months. While our immediate goal may be visual weight loss, we strive to set our clients up for a lifetime of healthy success.

At Carolina Gold Fitness, we emphasize nutrition and exercise to not only help improve health and wellness, but also as a way to further enjoy your daily lifestyle. Not sure what to eat or how to train for the Summer? Contact us at 828.209.8776 and we can set you up for short term & long term health. Visit us on the web at CarolinaGoldFitness.com for more information