This week we Give Thanks to you and all of our Carolina Gold Fitness Clients for your continued support for us and our programs. We look forward to providing you with the gold standard of health, fitness and wellness for many years to come! For us, giving thanks means giving back to our communities and showing our love and support for our honored heroes and those in need.

Tim Thew running the 2016 Marine Corps MarathonIn October, we showed respect for our fallen heroes by running in the coveted and Lottery-based Marine Corps Marathon throughout the streets of Washington D.C. The race was Operated by Marines but supported by 26.2 miles of spectators lining the entire course. Congratulations to Kam Parker and Tim Thew for finishing the race in Carolina Gold Fashion! Months of hard work and commitment to their training has paid off.

We have spent the past few months focused on various awareness programs in our area. While Tim Thew, C-EP finishes up his 22 Day of 22 Pushups for Veteran Suicide, we are honored to be able to bring into light a serious issue with our veterans. The government has issued a statement that we are currently losing 22 veterans a day to suicide. The movement, dubbed #22Kills, requires a commitment of 22 pushups for 22 days posted to social media. We are hoping this show of support will help to reverse the the 22 veteran rate.

This December, we will be supporting one of our runners at the Brevard Reindeer 5K run. She has been training for this for a couple of months as the first milestone in her quest back to fitness and beyond. We have celebrated her every accomplishment as she has reached her goals in true Carolina Gold fashion! Excited to promote her from 5K to 10K runner!

All year we have had great success with our clients’ weight loss and body composition goals. We are excited when anyone hits their health and wellness goals through balanced nutrition and exercise. We are even more excited when we see the education we provide put into permanent practice in their life. We love when our clients learn how to organize their meals and activities to meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Looking back on 2016, we are giving thanks for being able to make a positive impact on so many lives. We look forward to sharing our health, fitness, sports performance and weight management expertise with you in the years to come.

For all of our clients and athletes, we are truly grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving from
Carolina Gold Fitness