The ability to train for the function directly needed to achieve a desired result at a pre-determined time in the specified sport is called Sport Specific Training. Components of SST include Strength and Conditioning, working on flexibilty, agility, endurance, power and strength. Even more, the true SST program should define the periodized schedule, appropriate nutrition and hydration as well as a rest and recovery program.

Working through the core fundamentals of the sport without straying or wasting time on non-sport related movement is the most direct way to excel to the top but can also be a direct route to injury or burnout. Non-sport related movement is typically added, for stability and added agility. Therefore the best philosophy for sport-specific training should demand a core of 70% primary SST fundamentals with 30% support or antagonistic movement for prevention while still achieving the power and speed desired. This is much like a linebacker learning ballet, or a soccer player learning yoga where flexibilty gives maximum range of motion while minimizing over rotation and tearing of the myofibril. The core of their training program will be focused on sport specific skills and movement, while the counter-movement will serve to protect and balance the muscular symmetry.

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